Nutrition in Ayurveda

Nutrition in Ayurveda from AyurvedaNetwork Nutrition and Ayurveda Author: Prof Y.K.Sharma, MD (Ay) Kayachikitsa, Ph.D, Former Dean/Principal, Rajiv Gandhi Govt. Post Graduate Ayurvedic...

“Applied aspects of Tridosha Siddhanta” By- Dr. Vinod Kumar M V

Applied aspects of Tridosha Siddhanta from AyurvedaNetwork

“Evolution of concept of Guna” By- Dr. Vinod Kumar M V

Evolution of concept of guna from AyurvedaNetwork

‘Dravya Varga’ By-Dr. Sathyanarayana B

Dravya Varga from AyurvedaNetwork

‘Sikata Varga’ By-Dr. Sathyanarayana B

 Sikata Varga from AyurvedaNetwork

‘Collection of Raw Materials: Ayurveda Context’ – Dr. Sathyanarayana B

Collection of raw materials: Ayurveda context from AyurvedaNetwork

‘Academic Writing: Abstract writing for conferences’ By- Prof. Kishor Patwardhan

Writing abstracts for conferences from AyurvedaNetwork

‘Physiology and mechanistic basis of Panchakarma’ By- Prof. Kishor Patwardhan

Physiology and mechanistic basis of Panchakarma from Kishor Patwardhan

‘Educational Research in Ayurveda: Our Experiences’ By- Prof. Kishor Patwardhan

Educational Research in Ayurveda: Our Experiences from Kishor Patwardhan
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