Module on “Infertility (Part-3)” by Dr. Vishwesh BN

THE INVESTIGATIONS OF MALE INFERTILITY  A highly fertile couple practising coitus regularly take an average of 6–7 months to achieve a pregnancy, and four out...

Module on “Infertility (Part- 2)” by Dr. Vishwesh BN

CAUSES OF FEMALE INFERTILITY The causes of female infertility can be - Tubal and peritoneal factors (25–35%), Ovulatory factor (30–40%) and Endometriosis (1–10%). Ovarian factors: The...

Module on “Infertility: (Part-1)” by Dr. Vishwesh BN

INFERTILITY Infertility is defined as the inability of a couple to achieve conception after 1 year of unprotected coitus. Sterility is an absolute state of...

CME on the “Role of Ayurveda in the management of malignant disorders” by Prof....

Part-1 Concepts of malignancy in Ayurveda Part-2 Current status of the clinical approach to malignant disorders Part-3 Ayurvedic approach to the management of malignant disorders Part-4 Questions and Answers session

‘Kshara Karma Caustic Therapy’ by Prof. P Hemantha Kumar

'Kshara Karma Caustic Therapy' Author: Prof. P Hemantha Kumar Kshara Karma in Anorectal Diseases from Ayurveda Network, BHU

Ayurvedic Approach of treating Gall Stones: A Case Study by Dr. Prasad Pandkar

Ayurvedic Approach Towards Gall Stone & A Case Study from Ayurveda Network, BHU

Lecture on Management of the Diseases of Respiratory System by Dr. Muralidhara Sharma

Note: This lecture was delivered during an event organized by AYUSH Federation of India (AFI), Mangalore branch. We thank AFI for providing us with...
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