‘Anumana and Research Methods’ By- Dr. Vinodkumar M V

Anumana and Research Methods from AyurvedaNetwork For further details, please read the following article published in J-AIM: Review on comparability of ‘classical’ and...

Psychology and Ayurveda – Concept of mind

Author: Dr. M V Vinod Kumar MD (Ay) Abstract Ayurveda is the ‘science of life’ and the life is the state of inherent union of four components...

“Applied aspects of Tridosha Siddhanta” By- Dr. Vinod Kumar M V

Applied aspects of Tridosha Siddhanta from AyurvedaNetwork

“Evolution of concept of Guna” By- Dr. Vinod Kumar M V

Evolution of concept of guna from AyurvedaNetwork
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