‘Experiences with Educational Research’ – (Part 1) by Prof. Kishor Patwardhan



  1. First of all i want to congratulate you that you have initiated an evidence based lesrning and research in the field of Ayurveda education. Education is among the foundation pillars to nurture the entire community for whichnit has been designed. In our times the memory basedvtraining and a set pattern of tteaching training with bookish knowledge was in trend but if you want to establish your knowledge for the development of the mankind it should be scientific and in vety practical manner. Msjority of books in Ayurveda are copy and paste without any new research and the eliminited bogus topics.
    I have heard your lecture and became happy that you have initiated to rectify the irrelevance things in the education syste of Ayurveda.
    I feel honoured thst the our mother institutes teachers likr Dr Kishore are taking interest to cha4the entire educstion pattern which shoud be suthenyic and practice oriented not only theoretical.


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