Grow by Giving | Important Life Lesson for Success | Mitra Jeev


This workshop was jointly organized by ‘Maitri Bodha Parivar’ and Ayurveda Network BHU on 24th and 25th May 2022. ‘Maitri Bodha Parivar’ is a socio-spiritual organization founded by Dadashri in the year 2013.  The purpose of this organization is to develop, nurture, and strengthen the human bond of love and friendship. Our guest speaker Mr. Mitra Jeev delivered lectures on the topics ‘Grow by giving’ and ‘Discover yourself through strengths and weaknesses’ on 24th May and 25th May 2022 respectively.  The purpose of the first session was to provide the importance of selfless service. Mr. Mitra Jeeva narrated three simple and short stories to explain the act of giving. At the end of the session, Mr. Mitra Jeeva also guided a meditation process called ‘Maitri Shakti Pravah’.

On 25th May, in his second lecture, our guest speaker interacted with students and discussed many aspects of transforming weakness into strength. He started his speech with how to identify oneself and the qualities that define oneself.  He explained the qualities that enable us to grow and the qualities that hinder our growth. According to him, realizing and accepting the weakness within oneself is the most important step.  Making intentions clear, staying focused, and constant action are the key factors that can help to convert weakness into strength. He also advised remaining aware of self-sabotage, criticism or gossip by people surrounding us, and fear of losing self-identity. He also explained a few factors causing obstacles while overcoming weakness. At the end of this lecture, students performed a meditation process under the guidance of Mr. Mitra Jeev.


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