Lecture Note: “Use of Rasaushadhis in Panchakarma Practice” (Part -2)


“Use of Rasaushadhis in Panchakarma Practice” (Part -2)

Dr. Gopi Krishnan sir
based on the lecture available at Using Rasushadhi in Panchakarma Practice

 Here we are discussing the methods of Rasaushadhies being used in Panchakarma practice. Whenever we have to speak about any of the crystals available to an individual and any issues like that, the natural substances have enormous energy within them, which they can attribute to the individual. So this has been well raised in the system of Ayurveda where they speak about the methods of ‘Loka Purusha Samyavada’ or the references in the Rasa Shastra as ‘Yatha Lohe Thatha  Dehe’ in the sense, whatever the changes the substance can show in a metallic plate, so will be the changes on the human individual. So similarly, this particular phenomenon is being well addressed by the administration of Rasaushadhies in the Panchakarma practice as well. Because the energies which are there in the crystals are being released into the humans and the negative energy in the form of pain or anything also has vanished or absorbed.

We are familiar with Shad Chakras from the subject of Swasthavritta and Yoga. Every chakra of the body has specific crystals which are being enumerated in science. These crystals can be used for treating or normalizing the Doshas and other issues related to that particular Chakra. As per the Indian culture, a group of people believes that ‘Purusha’ is having many organs and every organ is signified with a particular star and every star is having a particular stone that has been related to it. So based on that it can be related to the Nakshatra Rupani.

 What are the specific crystals that can be given for the treatment as per Shad Chakras? Where you can have the choices of various crystals which can be used in either of these phenomena?   Later on, the same Chakras can be placed on the locality in the body to see what best they can have the therapeutic properties. The response is unusual, you need to keep those crystals on that particular Chakra in the body and just leave it. So this is a phenomenon of going with the crystal meditation and the same thing for the duration, it should be approximately for 10 minutes is sufficient wherein the crystals can adore their energy into the body system. The same thing is being adopted in the Panchakarma practice either it could be Shirodhara, Abhyanga, or Katibasti, either of the crystals of that particular area is being placed to see that you have the maximum therapeutic benefits of these crystals. So these are the crystals that can be very much utilized and can be placed very near to the patient as well. Because they’re having their energy which can increase the Pranashakti in an individual or reduce the negativity of the surrounding area in the premises where the patient is living with.  eg. In the case of patients with Vata Rakta or ankle pain or Vitamin D deficiency, the choice would be Rajavarta which we call Lapis Lazuli.  Take some powder of it and makes it in the form of a pouch (poultice) to keep it on the affected area, especially on the foot or sole or near the thumb finger or the affected area. The result would be a decrease in the severity of pain possibly because of regulation Vata and also it addresses issues of Rakta Dhatu. This is from the reference of Rajavarta from Upratna Varga and that is how it is being utilized in various therapeutic protocols. Similarly placing a quartz crystal over the forehead helps to focus, and to have peace of mind. It is extremely useful in anxiety neurosis, psychological disorders, disorders of the Rasavah Srotas and Manovaha Srotas., disorders of nervous disorders like anxiety neurosis, hypertension, insomnia, or any of the conditions. In these conditions place a crystal of Quartz over the forehead and ask the patient to just lie down in an extremely relaxed posture or Shavasana.  The same phenomenon can also be adopted in the form of Shiro Dhara or Udvartana. Gairik powder is extremely useful in all the conditions of Pitta Adhikya in an individual like Sarvang Daha, Sarvang Kandu, or Sarvang Toda, either the conditions of Vata, Pitta, or Kapha specific drug can be used in the form of Udvartana or Lepa.

Especially in the conditions like systemic lupus erythematosus, or any of the conditions like Sarvang Daha, I usually tend to do it with Gairik powder in the form of Abhyanga or Udvartana. Similarly, we try to do with Hartal in Medhodhikya( excess of Meda ) conditions. Sometimes we mix Hartala with Kolkulthadi kwatha powder or a powder in the form of Udvartana. So many procedures can be adapted with various drugs and they can be utilized. We are not even doing Shodhan of the substances here, especially because it’s only for external use. The only thing we should be cautious about is the patient should not have cuts and wounds so that the drug might not penetrate the system of the patient. In case you don’t want to go for such a treatment, there are certain centers nowadays which are being erupted wherein the crystals are being placed at a particular distance of nearly 1 1.5 ft away from the patient and the light rays are being passed through crystals or radiation from crystals will fall on the patient body parts. So this also benefits a lot to patients in the form of crystal therapy. In our system, while practicing Panchakarma, make the patient lie down and place the drugs which are related to that condition.  For example, in psychosomatic disorders or anxiety neurosis, especially during exams, children will have lots of tension. In such conditions, I put Chandrakant Mani over the forehead of the patient and it will be followed by pouring of Shirodhara liquids according to the patient’s condition and Doshic configurations. Chandrakant Mani, which is Sheet in nature and also it reduces the effect of Vata and Pitta, so on that grounds we try to place it over the forehead and try to say the classical procedure of Shirodhara would remain the same, we’re not altering any of the phenomena. The energies of the crystals are being transmitted to the person by the phenomenon of piezoelectricity and pyroelectricity.  As per Ayurveda, it is the Manidharana Chikitsa . Similarly, crystals like a malachite which is taken as a Sasyak possibly are being placed overhead of the patient and asked him to take for Bashapa Sweda. Malachite is one such crystal, which is very much essential in such treatment protocols. Just by Mani Dharana, we could observe like the patient’s condition of health issues is significantly down, especially related to Medovaha Srotas. Similarly Gairika Tailam, we name it as Anand Taialm where we have mixed up the Gairika, Jasad Bhasma, and Panchavalkala and prepare a tail out of it which is derivative of Bhasmas can be in the form of Abhyanga. It is extremely useful in conditions like skin burn, sunburns, cosmetic issues, or conditions related to Pitta and Vata. I could appreciate lots of responses from the patient.   The contents of Abhyanga Taila in the form of the Kalka or Choorna can be used for Udvartana, the only thing is if there is a need for more Pittashamana property then add Gairika. I have observed this particular phenomenon wherever the patient is having multiple petechial hemorrhages. Many times patients may have many hemorrhagic conditions all over the body. I have added lots of Gairika Choorna into Udavratana because Gairika possesses Raktasravhar property as per the textbooks. So this will help the patient well in the form of Udvartana as Bahirparimarjan Chikitsa.

 There are certain reports even which we have tried to focus on by keeping such treatments. Only external treatments for conditions like Diabetes and no other oral medication were given. Only the medicines in the form of Bahirparimarjana are also proved to be wonderfully beneficial. Significant improvement of the fasting and postprandial blood sugars which was quite high turned out very low within a short period of one month. So in case, it can keep for a longer duration it is further going to benefit the patient. So these Bahiparimarjana are also very much helpful for having a therapeutic index.

We have another method Padabhyanga or Padaprakshalana where in the patient’s leg or is immersed in the water and there we are placing lots of crystals. Usually, I’m using multiple crystals in the form of granules.

 The crystal granules are being placed within the water and we ask the patient to keep his leg in it. Later on, those crystals can be taken out and can be used as mild scrubs over feet. This may stimulate the lots of nerves that are present in the sole of the patient. It is going to have lots of benefits for patients. It is not just useful for cosmetic issues on the leg but it is also very much beneficial for the therapeutic efficacy overall as well.

In the case of rheumatoid arthritis wherein, the person is having severe pain in the fingers as rheumatoid arthritis affects the smaller joints. In all those conditions we are placing the crystals of Chandrakanta Mani over phalangeal and interphalangeal joints and also in conditions of Vata or Pitta Adhikya. We are placing the crystals of Chandrakanta Mani over the affected area and just leaving it for 10 to 20 minutes and again as a patient to have a regular hand wash. So this Moonstone is having a very good analgesic effect and it regulates The Rakta, Vata, and Pitta. So it’s very much beneficial for those clinical pathologies. In case the patient is having osteoarthritis-like presentations, one thing is you have a strap where you have the knee belt or crepe bandage or the other alternative like a simple cotton bandage. We usually place a stone called a ‘blood stone’ which is a very good analgesic for the knee joint. It is also called Raktaksha and it is mentioned by Chanakya in Artha Shastra in the 4th century. This crystal can be placed over the maximum pain-affected area in the knee joint under wrap it with a cotton bandage and just leave it and remove it after six hours. There would be a significant improvement in the pain.

 Sometimes dual benefits can be obtained by immersing the cotton bandage into the medicated oils like Kottamchukadi or Chincha Lavan and squeezing the oil out. I keep the crystal on the most affected area of the knee joint with an oil-soaked bandage. Sometimes I’m leaving this crystal itself for one day until the patient comes back to me the next day, then the bandage has been removed and we can find a very good response in the patient with a significant improvement. Only thing is to see that the crystal doesn’t have sharp edges to prevent pricks in the patient’s body. Instead, it could be a very beneficial case if it’s a smooth or a tumbled or a flat crystal which is very easily available in the Indian market.

Antaparimarjan Chikitsa :

Internal administration of the drug is being given to get an excellent response in patients which can show a definite benefit or overall benefit of the therapeutic dosage forms. Many drugs can be used for Antaparimarjana Chikitsa. We have discussed various drugs that can be used along with Vamana, Virechana, and Basti. Some common drugs in the form of Bhasma can be used in therapeutic protocols.

Before we understand these therapeutic protocols, we need to understand what micro and macro particles are that are used in Rasahastra and Panchakarma Chikitsa. It is well-known fact that metal preparation if given in its original physical and chemical form (like a coin or piece of metal) would not assimilate into the human body. In the case of Bhasma, there is the presence of micro as well as macro particles in Bhasma.

 Many receptors present in the gut can get stimulated after the oral administration of macro particles. These macro particles without absorption get eliminated into the fecal matter as it is. So, these receptor mechanisms from the gut may stimulate the various organs of the body by producing some coenzymes, and enzymes and regulate the therapeutic fashion of an individual concerning health functions. So these benefits are by the macroparticles which are major components of most of the Bhasmas which were administered.

Added to that there are microparticles that are nano in nature and are absorbed across the mucosal membrane and enter into the intracellular fluid and show their therapeutic benefits at the intracellular level and have a real therapeutic efficacy. This happens after the excess of Jarna with Gandhaka or Sukshma Srotogami Dravyas so that they would have deeper penetration and quick response. So these are the benefits or the differences between the macro micro particles So this particular phenomenon is comparatively less with the herbal components because the drugs have to get assimilated through the means of osmosis from the region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration and then show therapeutic efficacy. But a mineral drug gets penetrated through the corrosive effect of the microparticles showing the benefit at the intracellular level much quicker. That’s the reason for the quick response with the minimal quantity of drugs in the case of Rasaushadhies.

This is the reason why Rasaushadhies are called us ‘Alpa Matra Upayogitavat’. Whenever a patient is subjected to The Panchakarma and we would like to increase that particular Dosha (Doshautkleshan) then certain drugs can be used.

According to Rasaratna Sammuchaya’s fifth chapter, Vanga Bhasma has Vatakar property therefore it can be used for Vata Dosha Utkleshan. According to Ayurveda Prakasha’s second chapter, Tankana can be used where there is a need for Pitta and Vata Utklesha.  These drugs can be mixed with Snehas to have an appropriate Dosha Utklesha. Then you can have the elimination process or Shodhana the process.

Tabular presentation of drugs to be used drugs to achieve Doshotklesha in Poorva Karma of Panchakarma.  

Action on Dosha Rasaushadhi Reference
Vata Prakopaka Vanga Rasaratna Sammuchhaya Ayurveda 5/155
Vatapitta Krut    
  Tankana Ayurveda Prakasha 2/243
Pitta Janana    
  Vanga Ayurveda Prakasha 3/140
  Jayapala Rasa Tarangini 24/319
Pitta Kruccha Tankana Rasa Tarangini 13/81
Kapha Visleshana    
  Navasadhara Rasa Tarangini 14/6
  Tankana Rasa Tarangini 13/79
  Gunja Rasa Tarangini 24/449
Vamana Recha Karam    
  Tuttha Rasaratna Sammuchhaya 2/122
  Karpara Ayurveda Prakasha 2/ 279


  Tamra Rasaratna Sammuchhaya 5/46
  Tamra Rasa Tarangini 17/47
  Arka Ksheera Rasa Tarangini 24/511
  Jayapala   24/319

So these drugs can be given for Doshotklesha shows a quick response.

Sometimes because of the Agni, you are unable to eliminate Dosha which is the total not being eliminated out of the body. So such kind of Leena or Alpa Dosha could cause grave problems to an individual in the future. So to remove all these Leena (hidden) or Alpa Dosha elsewhere in the body, you need such a drug to have a quick response in an individual as to cause Doshotklesha and then you go for the classical procedures.

For instance, in the case of a Vamana, we are giving a small concentration of copper powder in Vamana Karma. Keep in mind we are not giving Tamra Bhasma to the patient, we are giving copper powder because metallic copper is having an emetic property. Just keeping it over the tongue, causes vomiting and this is the nature of copper.  Therefore we can take benefit of it.  The quantity to be used would be 2-4 mg of copper powder into the Madanfala or other mixture used during the Vamana procedure. Because this drug is not going to assimilate or get digested into the human body instead it is thrown out. So no need for absorption, it doesn’t get absorbed. You can give a macro particle of Shodhit Tamra Choorna, not a microparticle so that it causes only Vamana and it doesn’t get absorbed. Similarly, Tuatha, Kharpara, and Arka Kshira can be used for Vaman Rechan Karma. Similarly, Jaypal can be used for emesis purposes.

Virechan Karak Dravyas are listed in the following table

  Kankusta Rasaratna Sammuchhaya 3/118
  Kankusta Ayurveda Prakasha 2/318
  Kampillak Rasaratna Sammuchhaya 3/129
   Kampillak Ayurveda Prakasha 2/335
  Jayapala Rasa Tarangini 24/318
  Snuhi Ksheera Rasa Tarangini 24/519

 Kushtaghna drugs given below can be used for Shodhan as well as Shamana purposes.


  • Pravalagarbha Pottali
  • Lohagarbha Pottali
  • Talakeshwara
  • Sarveshwara Parpati

Other substances used for Virechana are Jaypal, and Kankushtha (Garcinia Morella). Magnesite found in Almoda, Uttarakhand, and Selam in Tamilnadu can be used instead of Kankushtha. Red sandstone available in the Sourashtra region is having Virechan property. Mruddarshringa can be also some of Virechan Karma.

Many drugs like Praval Panchamrita, Mritunjay Rasa, Parpaties, etc can be used along with Basti Dravyas and the quantity to be used through Basti is equal to that quantity used for the oral route of a drug. In the case of ulcerative colitis, Pravala Garbha pottali along with Piccha Basti Dravya shows a tremendous change. Gairika can be used also used with Piccha Basti Dravya. The change in the anatomy of an individual can be observed after 12 to 15 months of treatment.


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