Lecture Series on ‘Ayurvedic Principles of Human Physiology’ – by Prof. Kishor Patwardhan


‘Let Learning Not Stop’

This lecture series on “Ayurvedic Principles of Human Physiology” is an effort aimed at helping graduate students of Ayurveda during this period of COVID-19 related lock-down so that their learning can still continue. Since the office of Ayurveda Network is not physically functional, simplest form of video/ audio has been used while preparing this series. Remaining lectures in the series will be added in the coming days.

Happy learning!

Stay Home, Stay Safe!

Coordination Team, Ayurveda Network

Ayurvedic Principles of Human Physiology

Systems Thinking and Ayurveda (How is Ayurveda different from Biomedical Sciences?)

Introduction to “Physiology in Ayurveda”

Tridosha Theory (Part-1)

Tridosha Theory (Part-2)

An introductory lecture on Prakriti

Digestive System

Cardiovascular Physiology

History of Discovery of Blood Circulation: Unrecognised Ayurveda Contributions

Physiology of Haemopoietic System

Physiology of Endocrinology and Metabolism

Physiology of Excretion

Physiology of Immunity

Nervous System Physiology and Respiration Physiology


Please read the changed perspectives of this speaker on the subject:

Confessions of an Ayurveda professor



  1. Dear Sir
    First ever mind blowing lecture on Ayurvedic Principle of Human Physiology.
    Sir, Your lecture on CVS is also expected here.
    Thanking you


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