“Student Feature”: An opportunity to contribute e-content to “Ayurveda Network”



  • Are you a UG/ PG/ PhD student of Ayurveda?
  • Do you have some interesting ideas/experiences to share?
  • Here is an opportunity for you to contribute your e-content to Ayurveda Network!
    • Prepare the text summary of already published video/audio lectures on Ayurveda Network.
    • Send your short video/ audio lectures summarizing your research work
  • If your contribution gets through our review process:
  • It will be published on our website
  • https://ayurvedanetworkbhu.com
  • Your contribution will be duly acknowledged on our website
  • You will receive a certificate as a contributor

If you are interested, please contact us at:

[email protected]

WhatsApp: 91-8543080177

We offer you technical help too!


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