Dr. Milind Patil


    Dr Patil is an alumnus of Podar Ayurvedic Medical College, Mumbai. After obtaining his MD in Ayurved Samhita, Dr Patil stayed on a member of the teaching faculty in the same institution for many long years before switching over to Pharma medico-marketing.

    Dr Patil has served many Allopathic and Ayurvedic corporates in his own elegant way. Be it Dhootpapeshwar, Themis, Kopran, Raptakos or Charak Pharma Pvt. Ltd. his creative contributions have stood head and shoulders above the rest in substance as well as style.

    He has made scholarly and thought-provoking presentations on reputed platforms dealing with the burning healthcare issues of the day.

    On the clinical trial front, his experience and expertise cover the entire gamut of therapeutic specialities, wherein he has scientifically studied herbal actives as well as finished formulations and published the data in highly reputed, peer-reviewed journals.

    Dr Patil’s passion for teaching continues unabated, despite the long years he has put in. He is ever ready to teach and interact with students as well as professionals in a spontaneous and friendly manner.