Workshop on Stress Management and Emotional Stability


Stress Management and Emotional Stability

Maitribodh Parivar and Ayurveda Network BHU – Faculty of Ayurveda jointly organized this workshop titled “Stress Management and Emotional Stability” on 5 March 2022. This lecture was delivered by Maitreyi Mohini from Mairibodh Parivar. The aim of this event was to learn steps to maintain emotional stability and better management of stress during challenging situations.
The presenter discussed the causes of stress that were raised during the COVID-19 pandemic. She briefed about the definition of stress, causes of stress, manifesting signs of stress, initiation of negative thinking and its progression to build up stress and depression, expression of different kinds of emotions in response to negative thinking, and activities commonly preferred by people undergoing stress to overcome stress, the root cause of stress, solutions to overcome the stress.


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