CMEs on ‘Clinical Ayurveda’ by Prof. Muralidhara Sharma


CMEs on ‘Clinical Ayurveda’ by Prof. Muralidhara Sharma

Ayurveda Network has partnered with AYUSH federation of India (Mangaluru branch) to organize various continuing medical education programs (CMEs) on Clinical Ayurveda.

Prof. Muralidhara Sharma is a subject expert of Ayurveda Network and has got a vast clinical experience of handling tens of thousands of patients using classical Ayurveda interventions. He is a renowned teacher of Ayurveda and is a scholar of classics of Ayurveda.

So far eight such CMEs have been organized in Mangaluru on various topics including Ayurvedic management of Respiratory diseases, hypertension, diabetes, hepatobiliary disorders etc. Proceedings of each of these CME have been hosted on in the form of videos.




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