Dr. M. Gopi Krishna



    Dr. M. Gopi Krishna is an Ayurvedic vaidya with Rasa Shastra specialisation associated with various projects and experiences in S.D.M.Pharmacy for three years during Post graduation. He happens to be a student of Prof. Siddhi Nandan Mishra, a renowned personality in the field. He is a quick learner and a good team player with good communicating and writing skills. He is experienced in all types of Ayurvedic preparations like pottalis kalpas, kupi pakwa, parpati, khalviya, asava aristas, ghritas, tailas, vatis, lepas,etc.also in modern pharmaceutics and metallurgy with practical approach.
    He is a successful clinician as well as academician with multidimensional views regarding theory and practical approaches’ of Ayurvedic science especially Rasa Shastra. He is guiding students of post graduation in various areas of research especially in mineralogical characterization and their health benefits.