Module on ‘Know your Agnibala (Digestive Strength)’ by Dr. Aparna Singh

             Know your Agnibala (Digestive Strength) Dr. Aparna Singh, Assistant Professor, Dept of Kriya Sharir, Faculty of Ayurveda, Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University  Relevance...

Module on ‘Physiology of Respiration in Ayurveda’ by Dr. Vandana Verma

   Understanding of Physiology of Respiration in Ayurveda Dr. Vandana Verma, Assistant Professor, Department of Kriya Sharir, Faculty of Ayurveda, IMS, BHU, Varanasi, India Respiration Respiration...

Module on “Anorexia” by Dr. Vaibhav Jaiswal

Anorexia in children Eating disorders Anorexia definition Causes Adverse effects Ahara Ashtaaharavidhivisheshaayatana Management In today’s world there is much gap in between the two type...

Module on “Annaprashana Samskara” by Dr. Vaibhav Jaiswal

Annaprashana samskara Objectives Annaprashana Samskara Definition How to start Benefits Brain develpoment Micronutrient deficiency Complementary feed Annaprashan samskar should be performed at the time when the child had gain strength to digest cereals...
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