Lecture Note: “Principles of Physiology in Ayurveda (Part -3- circulation)”

“Principles of Physiology in Ayurveda (Part 3- circulation)” This is a transcript prepared by Dr. Varsha More based on the lecture available at Ayurvedic Principles of...

‘Understanding the concept of Ojas’ by Prof. Sangeeta Gehlot

CONCEPT OF OJA from Ayurveda Network, BHU

Lecture Series on ‘Ayurvedic Principles of Human Physiology’ – by Prof. Kishor Patwardhan

Note: 'Let Learning Not Stop' This lecture series on "Ayurvedic Principles of Human Physiology" is an effort aimed at helping graduate students of Ayurveda during this...

Understanding the theory of Tridosha

Understanding the Tridosha Theory from AyurvedaNetwork

“Evolution of concept of Guna” By- Dr. Vinod Kumar M V

Evolution of concept of guna from AyurvedaNetwork

‘Concept of Srotas’ by Dr. Vandna Verma

Concept of Shortas from Ayurveda Network, BHU

Module on “Scientific Approach Towards Assessment of Dhatu Sarata” By- Dr. Aparna Singh

Scientific approach towards assessment of Dhatu Sarata "Sriyate sthari bhavati yatra tatra saraha" (Shabda Kalpadrum 5th Vol). Vishuddhataro Dhatu  (Chakrapani commentary on Ch.Vi.8/102-108). Dhatu saarta...
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